From store closures to companies going under, the economic outlook has felt rather pessimistic of late here in South Australia. So I wanted to share a local good news story.

For the past four years I’ve been working with boutique Adelaide builder, Craig Linke Bespoke Building. (They were my first client, in fact. Thanks Craig!).

We started with a super tiny budget for their marketing, but we’ve seen a massive increase in the quality and frequency of their leads over the past six months.

This has seen the company grow in size from five to eight – and soon nine – employees in the past couple of months.

I could spend hours writing about how we’ve defined and refined their target audience, and how their brand storytelling and tone speaks to that. However, what I really want to write about today is your marketing mix.

Marketing mix” is defined as “The factors controlled by a company that can influence consumers’ buying of its products.”

Without getting too bogged down in the four Ps (product, pricing, promotion and place), today I want to share a few quick tips for maximising your marketing mix that I’ve applied with Craig Linke Bespoke Building with great success.

Look Beyond Social
I think there’s a real danger in viewing social media as a white knight for marketing all kinds of businesses. It should absolutely be part of your mix (and we’ve certainly invested time in it for this brand), but your comms should extend beyond social platforms.

When determining how much you should rely on social media as part of your mix, ask:
1. Who are my target audience?
2. What social media platforms are they likely to be on?
3. How much am I willing to spend on advertising? If the answer is ‘nothing’, you may find your organic reach on platforms like Facebook, for example, mean that investing big dollars on content on this platform isn’t worthwhile.

Client Feedback is Everything
“How did you hear about us?” These six little words provide huge insights into how people are finding you – and where you’re getting bang for your buck. Make sure you ask your customers how they found you every time and track this data so you have a full picture.

Referrals are Powerful
We all know that negative reviews can break businesses, but positive ones are powerful too. In my experience, the bigger ticket the item, the more inclined people are to turn to brands – and seek out referrals – they trust. This has worked well for Craig Linke Bespoke Building, as they’ve had so many amazing referrals from past clients. It’s a telling reminder that outstanding customer service has sway.

Physical Branding Counts
This is especially true for brands that are selling a service that is location-specific. Craig Linke Bespoke Building tend to have projects clustered in the eastern and inner city suburbs of Adelaide, so having their physical signage on vans and out the front of projects in those areas is an important marketing tool. Perhaps more importantly, the brand aesthetic has a refined look and feel; consistent with the brand’s values and messaging.

Take Up Promo Opportunities
If your marketing budget is tiny, be sure to take up affordable opportunities for promotion, such as entering industry awards in your sector. Last year we entered Craig Linke Bespoke Building in the Housing Industry Awards, winning a Best Bathroom category award for the first year.

So there you have it! While I’m not reinventing the wheel, getting the marketing mix right for this South Australian company is paying off.

For SMEs without huge amounts of cash to throw at marketing, I strongly encourage you to examine and regularly re-examine your marketing mix to ensure you’re achieving the outcomes you’re after.

Need support with your marketing plan and/ or execution? That’s where I come in. Email [email protected] to find out more.