There’s something about a hard copy brochure or print publication…

Everything from the stock, to the design and copy help to tell the story of your brand.

While there’s so much focus on digital in 2019 – and most of my work is definitely in this space – print definitely has its place. Like their digital counterparts, when executed right, hard copy marketing materials can be a wonderful aid for your brand.

Here are four key factors to consider when creating hard copy communications to help you achieve powerful results.

Who is your target audience and what do you want them to gain from this publication? Your audience should always be front of mind when creating a publication. If you can create a persona for your ideal target person, this is best. Write and design your publication with this person in mind. For example, consider a bigger font for an older audience, or simpler language if your publication is targeting children.

Ensure you have a consistent tone of voice and that you’re writing with your target reader in mind. Also ensure you keep the copy easy to read regardless of your audience by creating breakout quotes, using headings and other graphics to aid your words. And don’t forget to enlist the services of a sub-editor to proofread your work. Copy that’s riddled with grammar and spelling errors can damage your brand and credibility.

Style Consistency
Ensure that you refer to your brand style guide and use fonts, colours, imagery and other design elements that fit with your brand’s style.

Print Quality
Consider the purpose of your publication. Are you wanting to quickly convey information to a stakeholder group, or attract new and prospective customers? The quality of your stock and the quality of printing should reflect your brand, as well as the publication’s shelf life. If the publication is designed to last, don’t skimp on printing, and opt for quality stock.

Remember these four key factors when creating your publications to maximise value for effort.

Hard copy publications still not your bag? Creating print publications is one of our favourite things. Get in touch at [email protected] to enlist my help.