“What do you do?”

It’s a question you’re probably asked all the time, but some of us are better than others at answering it.

Even where your job or business is a little more complicated, defining what you do and why in a sentence or two is essential.

In the marketing world we call it your ‘elevator pitch’ – and I’ve been working on these a lot of late as part of numerous branding strategies for various businesses and start-ups.

PR expert Janet Murray says being brave enough to define your chief offering in a single sentence is key – even where you may offer other services or products as a business.

Without a clear elevator pitch helping you to define what you do as a brand or business, it’s much harder to establish other essential communications ingredients for your brand, such as your tag lines and your unique value proposition: a statement of offer that articulates the problem you are solving and/ or what sets you apart as a brand.

PR guru Janet Murray knows the value of a simple elevator pitch

If you’re in a small business like mine, chances are you might be on an eat-sleep-work-repeat treadmill that doesn’t leave a lot of time for marketing strategy, which can sometimes feel like a distraction. Believe me, I get it!

But doing this core work will make your life easier and will ultimately translate into more sales and a better understanding of your offering for your customers and clients.

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